SMS Service
SMS Service

Brahma Kumaris' Daily SMS Service:

Just like we take food daily to nourish our bodies, the same way, we need to nourish
our Souls daily with the Spiritual and Inspirational Thoughts in order to Stay Healthy &
Happy Completely. Brahma Kumaris' Daily SMS Service aims to help people Regain &
Embody Peace & Happiness.

Presently, More than 85,000 Mobile Users have registered with us to Receive Spiritual or Inspirational SMS to Nourish Their Souls.

This service is being run & managed by Ultimate Solutions, Ahmedabad.

Daily Spiritual & Inspirational SMS  Service:

1) Vardan
2) Slogan
3) Shrimat (Dharna ka Saar Point 1)
4) Dharna (Dharna ka Saar Point 2)
5) Saar (Meethe Bachche)
6-7) Que.-Ans. (Prashna, Uttar)
8) Swamaan
9) Gyan-Moti / Pearl of Wisdom (Daily Inspirational sms)


Available Languages & Scripts of sms:

1) Roman Hindi
2) Devnagari Hindi
3) English

* Roman Hindi means Hindi words in English script, as follows:

Vardan: Aham aur Vahem ko Samapt Kar RahemDil Banne wale Vishwa Kalyankari Bhav.

* Devnagari Hindi means Hindi words in Hindi script, as follows:

वरदान: अहम् और वहम को समाप्त कर रहमदिल बनने वाले विश्व-कल्याणकारी भव.

Subscription Fee for Daily SMS Service in English or Roman Hindi:

- Rs.200 for 1 sms for 1 year (Swamaan or Moti or Pearl)
- Rs.300 for 2 sms for 1 year (Vardan & Slogan or Moti & Pearl or Swamaan & Moti)
- Rs.450 for 1 sms for 3 years (Swamaan or Moti or Pearl)
- Rs.500 for 4 sms for 1 year (Vardan, Slogan, Swamaan, Moti)
  Rs.900 for all 9 sms for 1 year

Subscription Fee for Daily SMS Service in Devnagari Hindi *:

- Rs.250 for 1 sms for 1 year (Swamaan or Moti)
- Rs.400 for 2 sms for 1 year (Vardan & Slogan or Swamaan & Moti)
- Rs.600 for 1 sms for 3 years (Swamaan or Moti)
- Rs.700 for 4 sms for 1 year (Vardan, Slogan, Swamaan, Moti)
- Rs.1200 for all 9 sms for 1 year


Fly SMS Service for Teevra Purusharth:

It is an Hourly Alert Service for Intense Effort-making (Teevra Purusharth). 

In Fly SMS Service, subscribers will get 1 sms alert every hour from 8 am to 10 pm daily.
These hourly sms alerts will be on different points related to yoga practice, swamaan, spiritual drill, spiritual awareness, checking point, attention points, etc.
Total 12 to 16 sms will be sent daily, 1 sms every hour, from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Fee only Rs.900/year, Rs.250/quarter

Har Roz Savere 8 Baje se Raat 10 Baje Tak Har Ghante
Ruhani Drill, Ruhani Smriti, Swaman, Yog-Abhyas, Manan-Chintan, Checking Point
- Aise Vibhinna sms se Pane ki Fee Sirf Rs.900/year, Rs.250/quarter.


Amritvela Wakeup Call Service:

Amritvela is the most important time for meditation.

Intense spiritual effort-makers (Tivra Purusharthis) should not miss Amritvela meditation on any day. Amritvela Wake-up call service will help people to become Tivra Purusharthi. With this wakeup call service, you will not miss your amritvela and you will be able to make it powerful.

In this service, you will receive a wakeup call every morning and
when you receive the call, you will hear a meditation song or 
meditation commentary or BapDada's Mahavakya.

If you do not attend the call, there will be a 2nd & 3rd call attempt
to wake you up.

Fees: Only Rs.600/year, Rs.150 for 3 months.


How to make the payment to subscribe:

Deposit Cash or Cheque in any branch of ICICI Bank or State Bank of India.
ICICI Bank A/c No. 034501502267 in favour of "Anand G. Thakkar"
IFSC Code: ICIC0000345                    OR
State Bank of India A/c No. 30130518248 in favour of "Ultimate Solutions"
IFSC Code: SBIN0008053
and then inform the payment details and subscriber details to 09898747020
or 09924203045 or SMSEmpower@gmail.com

If you deposit cash, then deposit Rs.25 extra (or 2% of amount, whichever is higher).

  • A group of individuals can also make group payment.

  • Brahma Kumaris Centres can also collect payments from their local subscribers
    and can send the collected amount along with the list of names, mobile numbers
    and sms topics.


Now, Recharge Vouchers are also Available:

Now, recharge vouchers are also available for subscription of BKSMS and
Amritvela Wake-up Call service.

You can subscribe for BKSMS & Amritvela Wake-up Call service by obtaining
the said recharge vouchers from our distributors.

If you want to become a Distributor of our Recharge Vouchers,
you can call us on 09898747020.


If you want Daily BKSMS Service on a mobile out of India,
please visit http://www.smsempower.com/Daily_SMS_International.html


How to Unsubscribe:

   Those Mobile Users, who wish to Discontinue Receiving Daily SMS from OmShanti, they can Unsubscribe their Mobile Number by Sending SMS "UNSUB" to 09377772322


Intimate About Change of your Mobile Number:

If your mobile number has changed after subscribing for Daily SMS Service, then please let us know about the Change so that you can Continue to Receive Daily SMS from us. Please Send an SMS as Below to 09924203045 to Update us about the Change in your Mobile Number.

Change Number Old <Old No.> New <New No.>

For Example:
If your Mobile Number that is Already Registered with us for Daily SMS Service is 9234567801 and if your New Mobile Number is 9876543210, then Send an SMS as below to 09377772322:

Change Number Old 9234567801 New 9876543210

Wish to Change your SMS Topics ?

If you wish to change the Language of SMS that you are receiving or
if you want to change the SMS Topic itself, then let us know the same on 09377772322.


You can also visit www.SMSEmpower.com or www.SMSClub.co.in for more information on SMS Service.


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